4 Weeks of Storytelling

After this week of video storytelling, I feel that I have completed all of the requirements for this week correctly. There wasn’t as much work as other weeks have had so for me personally, I felt that I was able to spend more time on every assignment without getting super stressed out. By this time in the class, I have a good schedule of trying to do a little bit of work each day so I’m not overwhelmed when the due date comes around.

One assignment that gave a bit of trouble was the Observe Something Grow assignment. This was only because I had not used any video editing software in a very long time. It just had a steep learning curve that took me a few hours to get around. After this week I feel much better about my video editing skills. It also might be worth mentioning that I was using Windows Movie Maker 10.

One area where my knowledge grew substantially from this week was in the Look, Listen, Analyze assignment. Watching a scene from three different perspectives was so mind blowing for me. When you ignore the rest of your senses and only focus on one thing like audio or visuals its amazing the information you’re able to take away. That was not what I expected to happen during that assignment. I thought it would be extremely hard to separate our perspectives when watching a scene but I think being able to watch it over and over again helped out a lot. I can’t wait to see what other people take away from that assignment. It was definitely my favorite from this week.

What I Have Completed This Week:

Learn How To Read A Movie

Look, Listen, Analyze

Video Assignments (8 Stars Required):

Observe Something Grow (3 Stars)

Super-cut It (5 Stars)

Daily Creates (4 Required):

July 13th

July 14th

July 15th

July 17th

Comments (4 Required):

Comment 1

Comment 2

Comment 3

Comment 4

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