3 Weeks of Storytelling

This was a very great week for me personally. I feel like I picked up some amazing skills. Some of the most notable are being able to use Audacity and how to tell a story. Audacity is a program that I am so glad I am familiar with now. In high school we are taught essentially how the school systems wants us to tell a story and everyone is forced to do it the same way. This week we were able to step outside this box and create and tell our own story, which I really enjoyed.

Before this week I thought I had a good general understanding about audio storytelling but just like every week it seems, I was very wrong. I had listened to podcasts and radio stories before but I don’t think I really understood the techniques they were using. I learned from the first two assignments this week that I had no clue about storytelling compared to these people. Ira Glass, Jad Abumrad, TED Radio Hour, and ScottLo all blew me away by describing audio storytelling form their own perspectives. This was probably the most difficult part of the week for me as well. It was hard to teach myself to restructure stories instead of how we were always taught in school.

My favorite activity from this week has to be the Create A Place assignment. Since this was one of the last assignments that I did for the week I had a strong understanding of Audacity and felt like I was able to bring the vision in my head to life. I would for sure recommend this assignment to anyone who needs a fun assignment for the week. I don’t have any questions or concerns from this week.

Here are a collection of all the things I have completed in Week 3:


About Audio Storytelling Ira Glass and Jad Abumrad

Summarize TED Radio Hour and ScottLo

Moon Graffiti

Audio Assignments (12 Stars Needed):

Sound Effects Story (3.5 Stars)

80’s Product Radio Commercial (5 Stars)

Create a Place (4 Stars)

Daily Creates:





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Summary On Feedback From Comments:

Summary On Feedback

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