2 Weeks of Storytelling

This week of digital storytelling was all about design. From general design resources to vital design principles that will change the way you look at anything you make from now on. Design is something that is not exactly hard to find if you take time to look around. It factors into almost every object or thing we see in our everyday lives. I feel that I was able to complete all of this weeks requirements fairly easy. It seems that as the weeks go on, I am able to better engage with the material to take more in at a time.

One assignment that did give me some trouble this week was my reflection on The Vignelli Canon. I think that I found this difficult as a start to the week because I had not done much with design principles before then. I believe that if I were to go back and re-read it, I would be able to take away a lot more information. It was just hard to commit time to reading about all of these principles that I didn’t necessarily understand fully.

One assignment that I really enjoyed from this week was the Design Blitz. This was a very fun assignment for me because I was able to see these valuable principles actually in the real world. I think that I learn a lot more when I am forced to go out and contextualize these things in the real world.

One area that I would do differently given the opportunity to go back would be Best sports Play gif. I feel like I was unable to really capture the atmosphere of the game in the short 20 something frames that I chose. If I were to do it differently I might just choose a different point in the game or just make it double the length to get the entire scene.

In conclusion, I really feel like I learned a lot about design from this week. These assignments forced me out of my comfort zone to apply these design principles in the real world. I also picked up some valuable skill from this week like learning how easy it is to make a gif all by myself. I also have learned that I prefer to work with GIMP rather than Photoshop when possible.


Reflection on The Vignelli Canon

Design Blitz

Daily Creates:

June 29th

July 1st

July 2nd

July 3rd

Design Assignments (14 Total Stars):

Are We There Yet? (3 Stars)

My Simple Logo (4 Stars)

Motivational Poster (2 Stars)

Contradiction Creation (2.5 Stars)

Favorite Movie Quote (2.5 Stars)

Animated Gif Assignments:

Animals Doing Funny Things

Best Sports Play

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