1 Week of Storytelling

From this week of visual storytelling it is hard for me to put in one post all that I have learned. I have learned that such small changes like contrast and lighting can completely change a photograph. This changes were so much easy to implement into my photos than I expected. This was a part that I really enjoyed from the week. I found myself always messing with the lighting of my photos after seeing the difference that it could make. This actually sort of turned into something that drove me crazy, in a funny way. I sort of became obsessed with how the lighting could change a picture. How do you know when you have the best lighting? Could there be a better direction for the light to come from? I eventually just had to settle with the one I personally liked the most.

I have learned about the importance of visual literacy and that whether or not we have always known it this is something we have all been doing since we were kids. Now with how much technology has been integrated into our lives i’m sure kids are being introduced to visual storytelling at earlier and earlier ages.

One thing that I struggled with this week was using Photoshop. Photoshop is a program that I had never used before this week. So I went into it expecting to accomplish my task very simply. I was very wrong, I never knew how complex Photoshop is. Although, I eventually was able to find a video about “averaging” photos and accomplish my task. It took some trial and error but the next time I need to use it I believe I will be much more prepared going into it.

I do feel like overall I have completed all of the assignments for this week. I have gone through to make sure all of my media files, embedded videos, and hyperlinks work correctly.

In conclusion, I really did enjoy learning about visual storytelling this week. These assignments gave me a new perspective on something I thought that I understood previously. I am looking forward to the weeks to come.

3 Daily Creates:

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Visual Assignments: (10 Stars Needed)

My Very Own Spubble… (2 Stars)

How-to guide: Creating a Spubble

Averaging Concepts Using Flickr (3.5 Stars)

How-to guide: Averaging Concepts Using Flickr

Averaged Portrait (3 Stars)

How-to guide: Averaged Portrait

Places of Peace (1.5 Stars)

How-to Guide: Places of Peace

Photo Safari:

Photo Safari

Reflection on the Photo Safari

Photo Reflection:

Photo Reflection: My Best Photo

Reflection On Material This Week:

What I Have Learned About Photography This Week…

Reflection: How I Feel About Story Telling


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