1/2 Week of Storytelling

I have only just started Digital Storytelling and I already feel like I have learned so much. From blogging and domain design to using several social media platforms I hadn’t before, you could say it’s been a busy few days. Setting up our own domain was actually surprisingly easy to do for me. Everything that was required had links attached with comprehensive guides that were easy to follow along with. Creating all the social media accounts was pretty straight forward. Once you finished setting one account up it was pretty much just a rinse and repeat process for the other platforms. One concern that arose while completing my multi-modal introduction blog post was that I think it will be difficult to continuously keep up with all of these different platforms. I think as I get into the groove of the class it will be a lot less overwhelming to manage several different social media platforms.

Personally, I found customizing my blog to be the most fun part from this week. It was time that we could truly take to tailor our blog to be a visual representation of ourselves. There were so many different themes to go through that all operate differently. One task that I have found to be pretty difficult is learning how to use the C-Panel to organize my website. Just trying to make sure that everything goes where it needs to be was a bit confusing. I think that the more familiar I get with it, it will make the everyday life in this class easier. So far, I am enjoying this class a lot as it has already taken me way outside my comfort zone!

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