Supercut It!

For my second assignment of the week I chose to do the Supercut It! assigment. For those who don’t know what a super cut is: A Supercut is a fast-paced montage of short video clips that obsessively isolates a single element from its source, usually a word, phrase, or cliche from film and TV. For my personal assignment, I decided to make one about President Trump’s obsession with the word “billions”. There will be a guide for how I made this video below the embedded video. So, here is my final creation:

How To Guide: My first step was finding the video clips for my topic. I did this simply by looking on YouTube for my subject matter. Next, I would download all the footage I wanted to use for my video. Finally, I would add all my finished supercut clips into Movie Maker. All that was left to do was add a title and credits slide. This assignment was a lot easier than I thought it was. I would for sure recommend everyone try this out! I used a Vice news video and a comedy central video for all my material.