5 Weeks Of Storytelling

This week I did a re-telling of a special event that happened earlier this year. Alex Ovechkin hitting 700 goals nearly 15th seasons after being drafted to put him at number 8 on the NHL all time scorers list is one hell of an achievement. That is why I wanted to do a re-telling of the entire season/anticipation leading up to the game where he did it. I created three different media assignments to help tell my story. Firstly, I created two posters for the upcoming schedule and the countdown to 700 goals. Next, I uploaded the original commentator’s reactions to SoundCloud for the audience to hear. Lastly, I created a gif of the 700th goal. All of these medias were meant to show how much different groups from the same team all wanted this to happen so bad. You see the posters put up all over so obviously you know everyone in DC is paying attention. You see the commentator’s reactions and can tell how much they wanted this for the team. And lastly, you get to see how the players reacted and how much it meant to them.

Final Story

Guides For The Final Story:

Posters Part 1

Posters Part 2


Best Sports Play gif


What have you learned this semester?

Over the course of the 5 weeks, I have learned that before this class I knew nothing about Audio, Visual, Video, or Design storytelling. Each week I was dropped into a world I had no knowledge about and was forced to learn on the fly. But I found that by the end of the week, I knew all I needed to know for that section, somehow. I think forcing us to read articles and listen to experts on the topic at the start of the week really helps us when we create our own projects. I have also learned to use so many new program from this class including: Movie Maker, Audacity, Photoshop, and GIMP. These are skills I am very glad to have because I believe they will be with me for a long time. This class got easier and easier each week when it comes to the material. All I needed was time to adjust to the format and schedule of the class.

What would you do differently?

Given the opportunity I don’t think there is anything that I would do differently in this class. I felt the only real way to take something away from this class was to not take shortcuts and really put my all into the work. So that is what I tried my best to do each week.

What was the most exciting project?

I think that hands down the most exciting project was the final project for me. I was able to sit down and craft a story using all the different medias I learned from this class. At the end of the week and after all the time had been put into making this last blog post come to life, I am proud looking at how it came out. I had no idea going into this class, what I was getting myself into. Its been a long month or so but I have really been forced to take place in the learning process and it shows by how much I have learned this past month.

Final Project: Alex Ovechkin’s Quest to 700

What the Washington Capital’s were able to accomplish to win the Stanley Cup in 2018 was remarkable. A city and team who had gotten so close for so long, finally got their championship. Their star player, Alexander Ovechkin would have 15 goals alone in the playoffs that year. He deserved this trophy the most, after being drafted as the first pick in the 2004 NHL draft, he worked so hard to get the team here. So many years I thought we were wasting his potential with bad coaching decisions but they did it. There is only one achievement left for him to fully cement himself among the greatest hockey players of all time. The NHL all time scorers list…

Prior to the 2019-2020 hockey season its all Capital’s fans were talking about. There was an energy in DC just like the energy felt when they won the Stanley Cup. Alexander Ovechkin was on a quest to inscribe his name on the greatest hockey players of all time list. After 14 seasons completed and one Stanley cup later Alex had a whopping 658 goals. He had played a total of 1084 games and had 658 goals. In case someone doesn’t know too much about hockey, these numbers are insane. 658 goals was enough to put him in position 14 for the most goals ever by someone in the NHL. But he wanted more, the next big milestone was goal 700. With a city behind him cheering him on, its all he wanted. Fliers with their season schedule started to fill the city along with a very special additional flier. This additional flier had been titled, “Countdown to 700…”, the people were so excited to see him get it, its all we wanted.

As you can see from the poster’s they produced, Washington DC wanted Alex to get 700 goals putting him in exclusive company. There were even people in interviews asking him about his goal of getting to 700 goals. They were even asking his teammates to comment on Ovechkin’s quest to 700 goals!!

The fans started to worry if this might even begin to become a distraction for the team overall. No one wanted him to get 700 if it meant throwing the entire season away for it.

Fast Forward Six Months Later (Jan. 31st, 2020)

Jan. 31st, 2020 – Washington Capitals Vs. Ottawa Senators

The Capitals would win this game 4-3 in regular time. Alexander Ovechkin had scored two goals alone in this game. Putting him at a whopping 695 goals in his career. Was it possible? Could he really do it this season? After all the stalling out in the start of the season, the hype finally died down and they got back to just playing hockey. At this point in the season, Alex Ovechkin had 11 goals just in his last five games. With this kind of pace, he was bound to his the huge milestone very soon.

Nearly One Month Later (Feb. 22nd, 2020)

Feb. 22nd, 2020 – Washington Capitals Vs. New Jersey Devils

Alex Ovechkin was at 699 goals going into this game. The quest was so close to being over. I think that personally, even he was ready for this to be over. He just wanted to get back to player hockey. Here is a commentators point of view from that night…

It was truly a special night for Washington sports. Finally after almost 15 season’s of hockey Alexander Ovechkin achieved what 99.99% of hockey players will never even get close to doing. You can even tell by how much celebration goes on after the goal takes place, time seems like it stops. This wasn’t only for Alex, but for his team, coaches, and city that he represents.

March 12th, 2020

The NHL announces that the rest of the regular season will be suspended due to corona virus. The decision came less than a day after a flurry of game cancellations and season suspensions from all over the sports world. Rightfully so of course, they made the right decision. This just meant even more because Alex was able to reach his goal before the season abruptly ended. That means that next season they can leave all this media attention behind and go back to playing hockey. And hey, the season may be over for now, but it sure is great seeing the Washington Capital’s first pick of the first round of the 2004 NHL draft on this list, now at a whopping position 8. (His jersey number is also 8, coincidence? I think not.)