80’s Product Radio Commercial

For the 80’s Product Radio Commercial assignment, I decided that I wanted to do it on some sort of cleaning supply. After a bit of research and by research I mean spending way too much time watching random 1980’s radio commercials. Some of these things are absolutely fascinating, they seem like they are made in another dimension. I realized that I would use these as my inspiration to create an 80’s radio commercial for a modern day product like OxiClean. This assignment will how an in-depth guide on how I created this at the bottom.

Here is the general break down of the script:

*Dinner sounds*

Narrator: “Ahh the Steven’s Family, enjoying a nice meal at the dinner table after a long week. Everything is going wonderful for them until…”

*Loud spilling sound*

Narrator: “Oh no, Jimmy has spilled lasagna all over his brand new white shirt!! Well, fear not Jimmy’s mom, I’ve got the product for you!”

Narrator:”OxiClean! OxiClean unleashes the power of oxygen making tough stains disappear like magic, without fading or bleeding the colors! It goes deep down to not only get rid of any stain but the odor as well.”

*Thanks sound*

Narrator: “No need to thank me Jimmy’s mom. Let this be a lesson learned. Don’t let a stain ruin your afternoon, go out and buy some OxiClean!”

Here is the finished product:

How To Guide: Once I had a general idea of what I wanted to do for this assignment, I first wrote out the script. This included all the external sounds that I wanted and my voice lines. Next, I went to freesound.org and downloaded all the sounds I wanted to use. Then in Audacity, I recorded all of my parts by using the red record button up in the top left. I then added in all my external sounds as there own individual tracks so that they wouldn’t interrupt my voice lines. I did this by simply dragging the files and dropping them into Audacity. I now had all the audio I wanted for my commercial inside my Audacity window, all that was left to do was organize and get everything into its place. I did this by simply cutting and pasting the sounds to the correct time I wanted them to play. I also went through to each audio track and adjusted the sound according to the part it plays in the overall commercial. This can be done by simply changing the volume slider on the left side of each audio track. Finally, I exported the file as an MP3 so that I could upload it to Sound Cloud. Let me know if you guys have any questions!