How To Guide: Commentator’s POV (Final)

This post will be dedicated to creating an in-depth tutorial on how I made the “Ovechkin Hits 700!” Soundcloud audio in my final. At this point in my story it is time for the climax. Alexander Ovechkin finally hits 700 goals and the team can get back to just playing hockey. They won’t have to be bothered by the constant looming of achievement on the horizon. I felt that using the commentator’s audio would show the listeners how much this meant to the team and to Washington DC. Here is my final product, the guide will be below the audio.

  1. First, I needed to find the audio that I wanted to use for my commentator’s POV audio.
  2. Once I had the YouTube video that I wanted to use I copied the link and went to this website. I then plugged in my YouTube video so that it could convert it to an MP3 file.
  3. I took this MP3 file and dragged it into Audacity so that it could be further edited.
  4. I increased the volume on the clip using the slider on the left and also trimmed the audio by using the cut function in Audacity.
  5. All that was left to do was export it as an MP3 file so that I could open it in Soundcloud to upload.

If you guys think I missed any parts in this guide please feel free to let me know in the comments! Thank you for reading! Below this I will link the YouTube video that I got this audio from to use in my final assignment.

Create A Place

For the Create A Place assignment, I will be trying to depict a very busy New York City afternoon. Some sounds that I want to use to convey this to the listener are traffic, horns, maybe someone yelling, police sirens, and maybe even someone trying to call for a cab. All the sounds that I will be using in this assignment can be found at After working on several other Audio Storytelling assignments for this week, I don’t think this one will take too much time. I will be using Audacity as my audio editing software. There will be an in-depth guide on how I made this at the bottom of this post. Here is my finished product:

This picture of New York City was what I used as my inspiration in making this sound. I think I did a pretty good job of conveying this type of atmosphere to the audience.

How To Guide: The strategy for this assignment was very similar to how I have approached past audio assignments. First, I brain storm about my idea and what sounds I’m going to need to make this idea come to life. Then, I went to and downloaded all the sounds I wanted to use. Next, I dragged all the sounds into Audacity. Once I had all the sounds, all that was left was to move them around where I wanted them. I did this simply by copying and pasting portions of each track on to my first sound. I also, tweaked some of the volume levels using the slider on the left side of the window. Let me know if you guys have any questions!

Here is a video I found helpful on some advanced tips for using Audacity:

80’s Product Radio Commercial

For the 80’s Product Radio Commercial assignment, I decided that I wanted to do it on some sort of cleaning supply. After a bit of research and by research I mean spending way too much time watching random 1980’s radio commercials. Some of these things are absolutely fascinating, they seem like they are made in another dimension. I realized that I would use these as my inspiration to create an 80’s radio commercial for a modern day product like OxiClean. This assignment will how an in-depth guide on how I created this at the bottom.

Here is the general break down of the script:

*Dinner sounds*

Narrator: “Ahh the Steven’s Family, enjoying a nice meal at the dinner table after a long week. Everything is going wonderful for them until…”

*Loud spilling sound*

Narrator: “Oh no, Jimmy has spilled lasagna all over his brand new white shirt!! Well, fear not Jimmy’s mom, I’ve got the product for you!”

Narrator:”OxiClean! OxiClean unleashes the power of oxygen making tough stains disappear like magic, without fading or bleeding the colors! It goes deep down to not only get rid of any stain but the odor as well.”

*Thanks sound*

Narrator: “No need to thank me Jimmy’s mom. Let this be a lesson learned. Don’t let a stain ruin your afternoon, go out and buy some OxiClean!”

Here is the finished product:

How To Guide: Once I had a general idea of what I wanted to do for this assignment, I first wrote out the script. This included all the external sounds that I wanted and my voice lines. Next, I went to and downloaded all the sounds I wanted to use. Then in Audacity, I recorded all of my parts by using the red record button up in the top left. I then added in all my external sounds as there own individual tracks so that they wouldn’t interrupt my voice lines. I did this by simply dragging the files and dropping them into Audacity. I now had all the audio I wanted for my commercial inside my Audacity window, all that was left to do was organize and get everything into its place. I did this by simply cutting and pasting the sounds to the correct time I wanted them to play. I also went through to each audio track and adjusted the sound according to the part it plays in the overall commercial. This can be done by simply changing the volume slider on the left side of each audio track. Finally, I exported the file as an MP3 so that I could upload it to Sound Cloud. Let me know if you guys have any questions!

Sound Effects Story

This is my attempt at the Sound Effect Story Assignment. The story that I wanted to tell was extremely simple. A person wakes up in the morning to their alarm clock. They then go take a shower, eat breakfast, and brush their teeth. Afterwards, they go outside and warm their car up. While driving to work they get into an accident and an ambulance is called. I went with a rather simple story as this is my first time editing in Audacity. The story in total is around a minute long. I got the inspiration for this story from something that happened to me in real life a few years ago, don’t worry everyone was okay. So this is sort of a generalized re-telling of a story. Any ordinary day could turn into something like this so please drive safe. I got all my sounds from a single website called I will leave an in-depth guide on how I created this below the audio. Here is my attempt at this assignment:

How To Guide: Once I had the story that I wanted laid out in my head I simply went the website linked above and downloaded all the sounds I wanted to use. I opened Audacity and dragged all of the sounds into the window. So at this point, I had about 6 individual audio tracks that I wanted to all combine into one. Next, I simply copied sound #2 and then pasted it where I wanted it to go after sound #1. I repeated this with all my sounds until they were all on one single audio track. Once I tested it and liked what I made, I exported it as an MP3 and I was all finished. Let me know if you have any questions!!!

Below is a video that I used to help teach me the basics of Audacity. Personally, I would rather watch someone explain the program to me and not just go into it and try to figure things out myself.