Photo-reflection: My Best Photo

After all the pictures I have taken today, this picture is my favorite. I think one of the big reason’s that I love it so much is because it combines to different forms of the lighting suggestions given in the DS106 Handbook. This picture not only takes advantage of front lighting that comes from the camera itself but also back lighting behind the wine bottle. It seems to add a warm glowing effect around the bottle while simultaneously making the label crystal clear with front lighting. The contrast in this photo makes it very interesting to look at. On the left hand side there is a clear warm atmosphere, while on the right hand side things are rather dark. One improvements I believe could be made to this photo is to balance the contrast better between the two sides of the bottle.

Reflection on the Photo Safari

I had a lot of fun doing this Photo Safari 15 minute challenge. I found that I actually could come up with many more photo ideas in fifteen minutes than I had expected too. I chose to do this in my basement as I felt like it had the greatest opportunity for diverse subject matter.

The two photos that I believe really came out great for me were the bright light photo and the converging lines photo. The bright light photo I thought looked really cool because it wasn’t at all what I expected it to be. It turned the bright light into somewhat of a warm flat color. The converging lines photo I thought really turned out well because I myself felt my eyes following the lines deeper and deeper into the photo. This was a really cool feeling because I don’t really think I did too great of a job on this but with limited resources I could still get some of the effect I was going for. This picture was by far my most inventive one that I have taken so far. For reference I will include both of these photos below.

15 Minute Photo Safari

The pictures below will be all the pictures I was able to capture within the 15 minutes allowed for this challenge. The first and last pictures will include timestamps.

Starting Time
A photo that shows a repeating pattern.
A photo of an interesting shadow.
A photo that uses converging lines to draw us into the photo. I felt like the lines along the wall converging with the shadow lines really did a good job drawing you into the photo.
A photo dominated by a single color.
A photo at an unusual angle, e.g. looking up at something or looking down at something, or from the view of an ant.
A photo into bright light.
 A photo of two things that do not belong together.
A photo of someone else’s shoe or foot.
Challenge ending time.

1/2 Week of Storytelling

I have only just started Digital Storytelling and I already feel like I have learned so much. From blogging and domain design to using several social media platforms I hadn’t before, you could say it’s been a busy few days. Setting up our own domain was actually surprisingly easy to do for me. Everything that was required had links attached with comprehensive guides that were easy to follow along with. Creating all the social media accounts was pretty straight forward. Once you finished setting one account up it was pretty much just a rinse and repeat process for the other platforms. One concern that arose while completing my multi-modal introduction blog post was that I think it will be difficult to continuously keep up with all of these different platforms. I think as I get into the groove of the class it will be a lot less overwhelming to manage several different social media platforms.

Personally, I found customizing my blog to be the most fun part from this week. It was time that we could truly take to tailor our blog to be a visual representation of ourselves. There were so many different themes to go through that all operate differently. One task that I have found to be pretty difficult is learning how to use the C-Panel to organize my website. Just trying to make sure that everything goes where it needs to be was a bit confusing. I think that the more familiar I get with it, it will make the everyday life in this class easier. So far, I am enjoying this class a lot as it has already taken me way outside my comfort zone!

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Twitter comment June 22nd

Blog Comment

Who am I?

Hi! My name is Jacob Barker. I am currently a senior at the University of Mary Washington. I am studying Computer Science! This post will be used as an introduction to all of my different social medias platforms!

Twitter is the social media platform I am most familiar with using on a day-to-day basis. This means it will most likely be the most up-to-date platform of mine. If you’re interested in some of my buring hot takes, here it is:

Soundcloud is a platform I already have used extensively to keep track of music I listen to while working on the computer! My soundcloud link will have the best relaxed music around (Reposted on my page for ease of access). Guaranteed to help you to focus while on the computer.

Flicker is a platform I have never really used before. After looking around on there for a few minutes, I feel like I have been missing out! I’ll try to be constantly organizing my photos into albums from my recent trips! My sister and I love to travel together so this is a great way for us to share our experiences with everyone!

Snowbird Tram

Lastly, we have the infamous Youtube. I haven’t really decided how to take on this platform as there are so many different styles on it. For now, I have linked some of my favorite channels to watch on my “Featured Channels” section. Feel free to check them out as well as my “About ” section.