5 Weeks Of Storytelling

This week I did a re-telling of a special event that happened earlier this year. Alex Ovechkin hitting 700 goals nearly 15th seasons after being drafted to put him at number 8 on the NHL all time scorers list is one hell of an achievement. That is why I wanted to do a re-telling of the entire season/anticipation leading up to the game where he did it. I created three different media assignments to help tell my story. Firstly, I created two posters for the upcoming schedule and the countdown to 700 goals. Next, I uploaded the original commentator’s reactions to SoundCloud for the audience to hear. Lastly, I created a gif of the 700th goal. All of these medias were meant to show how much different groups from the same team all wanted this to happen so bad. You see the posters put up all over so obviously you know everyone in DC is paying attention. You see the commentator’s reactions and can tell how much they wanted this for the team. And lastly, you get to see how the players reacted and how much it meant to them.

Final Story

Guides For The Final Story:

Posters Part 1

Posters Part 2


Best Sports Play gif


What have you learned this semester?

Over the course of the 5 weeks, I have learned that before this class I knew nothing about Audio, Visual, Video, or Design storytelling. Each week I was dropped into a world I had no knowledge about and was forced to learn on the fly. But I found that by the end of the week, I knew all I needed to know for that section, somehow. I think forcing us to read articles and listen to experts on the topic at the start of the week really helps us when we create our own projects. I have also learned to use so many new program from this class including: Movie Maker, Audacity, Photoshop, and GIMP. These are skills I am very glad to have because I believe they will be with me for a long time. This class got easier and easier each week when it comes to the material. All I needed was time to adjust to the format and schedule of the class.

What would you do differently?

Given the opportunity I don’t think there is anything that I would do differently in this class. I felt the only real way to take something away from this class was to not take shortcuts and really put my all into the work. So that is what I tried my best to do each week.

What was the most exciting project?

I think that hands down the most exciting project was the final project for me. I was able to sit down and craft a story using all the different medias I learned from this class. At the end of the week and after all the time had been put into making this last blog post come to life, I am proud looking at how it came out. I had no idea going into this class, what I was getting myself into. Its been a long month or so but I have really been forced to take place in the learning process and it shows by how much I have learned this past month.

4 Weeks of Storytelling

After this week of video storytelling, I feel that I have completed all of the requirements for this week correctly. There wasn’t as much work as other weeks have had so for me personally, I felt that I was able to spend more time on every assignment without getting super stressed out. By this time in the class, I have a good schedule of trying to do a little bit of work each day so I’m not overwhelmed when the due date comes around.

One assignment that gave a bit of trouble was the Observe Something Grow assignment. This was only because I had not used any video editing software in a very long time. It just had a steep learning curve that took me a few hours to get around. After this week I feel much better about my video editing skills. It also might be worth mentioning that I was using Windows Movie Maker 10.

One area where my knowledge grew substantially from this week was in the Look, Listen, Analyze assignment. Watching a scene from three different perspectives was so mind blowing for me. When you ignore the rest of your senses and only focus on one thing like audio or visuals its amazing the information you’re able to take away. That was not what I expected to happen during that assignment. I thought it would be extremely hard to separate our perspectives when watching a scene but I think being able to watch it over and over again helped out a lot. I can’t wait to see what other people take away from that assignment. It was definitely my favorite from this week.

What I Have Completed This Week:

Learn How To Read A Movie

Look, Listen, Analyze

Video Assignments (8 Stars Required):

Observe Something Grow (3 Stars)

Super-cut It (5 Stars)

Daily Creates (4 Required):

July 13th

July 14th

July 15th

July 17th

Comments (4 Required):

Comment 1

Comment 2

Comment 3

Comment 4

3 Weeks of Storytelling

This was a very great week for me personally. I feel like I picked up some amazing skills. Some of the most notable are being able to use Audacity and how to tell a story. Audacity is a program that I am so glad I am familiar with now. In high school we are taught essentially how the school systems wants us to tell a story and everyone is forced to do it the same way. This week we were able to step outside this box and create and tell our own story, which I really enjoyed.

Before this week I thought I had a good general understanding about audio storytelling but just like every week it seems, I was very wrong. I had listened to podcasts and radio stories before but I don’t think I really understood the techniques they were using. I learned from the first two assignments this week that I had no clue about storytelling compared to these people. Ira Glass, Jad Abumrad, TED Radio Hour, and ScottLo all blew me away by describing audio storytelling form their own perspectives. This was probably the most difficult part of the week for me as well. It was hard to teach myself to restructure stories instead of how we were always taught in school.

My favorite activity from this week has to be the Create A Place assignment. Since this was one of the last assignments that I did for the week I had a strong understanding of Audacity and felt like I was able to bring the vision in my head to life. I would for sure recommend this assignment to anyone who needs a fun assignment for the week. I don’t have any questions or concerns from this week.

Here are a collection of all the things I have completed in Week 3:


About Audio Storytelling Ira Glass and Jad Abumrad

Summarize TED Radio Hour and ScottLo

Moon Graffiti

Audio Assignments (12 Stars Needed):

Sound Effects Story (3.5 Stars)

80’s Product Radio Commercial (5 Stars)

Create a Place (4 Stars)

Daily Creates:





5 Comments on other blogs:






Summary On Feedback From Comments:

Summary On Feedback

2 Weeks of Storytelling

This week of digital storytelling was all about design. From general design resources to vital design principles that will change the way you look at anything you make from now on. Design is something that is not exactly hard to find if you take time to look around. It factors into almost every object or thing we see in our everyday lives. I feel that I was able to complete all of this weeks requirements fairly easy. It seems that as the weeks go on, I am able to better engage with the material to take more in at a time.

One assignment that did give me some trouble this week was my reflection on The Vignelli Canon. I think that I found this difficult as a start to the week because I had not done much with design principles before then. I believe that if I were to go back and re-read it, I would be able to take away a lot more information. It was just hard to commit time to reading about all of these principles that I didn’t necessarily understand fully.

One assignment that I really enjoyed from this week was the Design Blitz. This was a very fun assignment for me because I was able to see these valuable principles actually in the real world. I think that I learn a lot more when I am forced to go out and contextualize these things in the real world.

One area that I would do differently given the opportunity to go back would be Best sports Play gif. I feel like I was unable to really capture the atmosphere of the game in the short 20 something frames that I chose. If I were to do it differently I might just choose a different point in the game or just make it double the length to get the entire scene.

In conclusion, I really feel like I learned a lot about design from this week. These assignments forced me out of my comfort zone to apply these design principles in the real world. I also picked up some valuable skill from this week like learning how easy it is to make a gif all by myself. I also have learned that I prefer to work with GIMP rather than Photoshop when possible.


Reflection on The Vignelli Canon

Design Blitz

Daily Creates:

June 29th

July 1st

July 2nd

July 3rd

Design Assignments (14 Total Stars):

Are We There Yet? (3 Stars)

My Simple Logo (4 Stars)

Motivational Poster (2 Stars)

Contradiction Creation (2.5 Stars)

Favorite Movie Quote (2.5 Stars)

Animated Gif Assignments:

Animals Doing Funny Things

Best Sports Play

1 Week of Storytelling

From this week of visual storytelling it is hard for me to put in one post all that I have learned. I have learned that such small changes like contrast and lighting can completely change a photograph. This changes were so much easy to implement into my photos than I expected. This was a part that I really enjoyed from the week. I found myself always messing with the lighting of my photos after seeing the difference that it could make. This actually sort of turned into something that drove me crazy, in a funny way. I sort of became obsessed with how the lighting could change a picture. How do you know when you have the best lighting? Could there be a better direction for the light to come from? I eventually just had to settle with the one I personally liked the most.

I have learned about the importance of visual literacy and that whether or not we have always known it this is something we have all been doing since we were kids. Now with how much technology has been integrated into our lives i’m sure kids are being introduced to visual storytelling at earlier and earlier ages.

One thing that I struggled with this week was using Photoshop. Photoshop is a program that I had never used before this week. So I went into it expecting to accomplish my task very simply. I was very wrong, I never knew how complex Photoshop is. Although, I eventually was able to find a video about “averaging” photos and accomplish my task. It took some trial and error but the next time I need to use it I believe I will be much more prepared going into it.

I do feel like overall I have completed all of the assignments for this week. I have gone through to make sure all of my media files, embedded videos, and hyperlinks work correctly.

In conclusion, I really did enjoy learning about visual storytelling this week. These assignments gave me a new perspective on something I thought that I understood previously. I am looking forward to the weeks to come.

3 Daily Creates:

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Visual Assignments: (10 Stars Needed)

My Very Own Spubble… (2 Stars)

How-to guide: Creating a Spubble

Averaging Concepts Using Flickr (3.5 Stars)

How-to guide: Averaging Concepts Using Flickr

Averaged Portrait (3 Stars)

How-to guide: Averaged Portrait

Places of Peace (1.5 Stars)

How-to Guide: Places of Peace

Photo Safari:

Photo Safari

Reflection on the Photo Safari

Photo Reflection:

Photo Reflection: My Best Photo

Reflection On Material This Week:

What I Have Learned About Photography This Week…

Reflection: How I Feel About Story Telling


Blog Comment

1/2 Week of Storytelling

I have only just started Digital Storytelling and I already feel like I have learned so much. From blogging and domain design to using several social media platforms I hadn’t before, you could say it’s been a busy few days. Setting up our own domain was actually surprisingly easy to do for me. Everything that was required had links attached with comprehensive guides that were easy to follow along with. Creating all the social media accounts was pretty straight forward. Once you finished setting one account up it was pretty much just a rinse and repeat process for the other platforms. One concern that arose while completing my multi-modal introduction blog post was that I think it will be difficult to continuously keep up with all of these different platforms. I think as I get into the groove of the class it will be a lot less overwhelming to manage several different social media platforms.

Personally, I found customizing my blog to be the most fun part from this week. It was time that we could truly take to tailor our blog to be a visual representation of ourselves. There were so many different themes to go through that all operate differently. One task that I have found to be pretty difficult is learning how to use the C-Panel to organize my website. Just trying to make sure that everything goes where it needs to be was a bit confusing. I think that the more familiar I get with it, it will make the everyday life in this class easier. So far, I am enjoying this class a lot as it has already taken me way outside my comfort zone!

Daily Creates:

June 22nd

June 23rd

Posts from the week:

Multi-modal introduction


Twitter comment June 22nd

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