Sound Effects Story

This is my attempt at the Sound Effect Story Assignment. The story that I wanted to tell was extremely simple. A person wakes up in the morning to their alarm clock. They then go take a shower, eat breakfast, and brush their teeth. Afterwards, they go outside and warm their car up. While driving to work they get into an accident and an ambulance is called. I went with a rather simple story as this is my first time editing in Audacity. The story in total is around a minute long. I got the inspiration for this story from something that happened to me in real life a few years ago, don’t worry everyone was okay. So this is sort of a generalized re-telling of a story. Any ordinary day could turn into something like this so please drive safe. I got all my sounds from a single website called I will leave an in-depth guide on how I created this below the audio. Here is my attempt at this assignment:

How To Guide: Once I had the story that I wanted laid out in my head I simply went the website linked above and downloaded all the sounds I wanted to use. I opened Audacity and dragged all of the sounds into the window. So at this point, I had about 6 individual audio tracks that I wanted to all combine into one. Next, I simply copied sound #2 and then pasted it where I wanted it to go after sound #1. I repeated this with all my sounds until they were all on one single audio track. Once I tested it and liked what I made, I exported it as an MP3 and I was all finished. Let me know if you have any questions!!!

Below is a video that I used to help teach me the basics of Audacity. Personally, I would rather watch someone explain the program to me and not just go into it and try to figure things out myself.

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