Reflection on the Photo Safari

I had a lot of fun doing this Photo Safari 15 minute challenge. I found that I actually could come up with many more photo ideas in fifteen minutes than I had expected too. I chose to do this in my basement as I felt like it had the greatest opportunity for diverse subject matter.

The two photos that I believe really came out great for me were the bright light photo and the converging lines photo. The bright light photo I thought looked really cool because it wasn’t at all what I expected it to be. It turned the bright light into somewhat of a warm flat color. The converging lines photo I thought really turned out well because I myself felt my eyes following the lines deeper and deeper into the photo. This was a really cool feeling because I don’t really think I did too great of a job on this but with limited resources I could still get some of the effect I was going for. This picture was by far my most inventive one that I have taken so far. For reference I will include both of these photos below.

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