Reflection: Moon Graffiti

This will be a reflection from The Truth Podcast’s “Moon Graffiti“. This was an excellent story to listen to the entire way through. You can really tell how much time went into creating this 16 minute master piece. Here are the notes that I was able to take while listening to this audio:

Here is the audio in case you want to follow along with my notes:

(0:38) – Right off the bat they hook the audience in with a sense of suspense for an event we don’t even understand. There are plenty of radio beeps and static added in as well to make the scene feel very realistic. The tone in the voices of the people in the control room even have a sense of unknown in them, like they are scared but don’t want to say anything.

(1:06) – All the suspense seems to come to a climax as the two are rapidly communicating before what sounds like a crash. All that is left after the loud crash are some dense atmospheric noises.

(1:22) – The silence is interrupted by a deep voice that exclaims these astronauts will be staying on the moon. It is revealed to be the start of a speech written for Richard Nixon titled, “In the event of a moon disaster”. The hook is over and the intro music to the podcast starts to play.

(3:12) – We jump right back into the scene of the two that have crashed. As they seem to frantically begin sorting things out, have they lost communications? Are their computers still working? Where do they go from here?

(4:30) – After getting their suits on they open the hatch as some creepy music begins to play. They get their camera ready to document pictures of the crash. They still don’t have any communication with their team. They are surprisingly calm at this point.

(6:07) – Once they have both exited the craft they start to describe everything that is going on around them in great detail. From, what it feels like to walk around to what the surface texture is like.

(7:14) – Buzz’s tone completely changes as the music does as well. He tells neil, “You’ve got to see this…”. We don’t quite know if its a good or bad thing. However, the music would suggest a bad thing. It ends up being that they find out they have no more fuel. They are grounded on the moon.

(11:06) – They begin to share stories as an attempt to distract themselves from the looming eminent death. The sound effects are amazingly immersing, especially the sounds of them planting the flag.

(12:13) – Layering audio starts to pace faster and faster before Neil is able to stop Buzz from what seems like passing out. The sounds increasing in speed and overlapping give the sensation that he is starting to dissociate from reality. He decides to lay down to help himself out.

(13:25) – The same speech that interrupted the two before starts to play again. This time it plays all the way through and is not cut off like earlier.

(15:17) – The ending music starts to play as the credits begin to roll.

Overall, I had a really great time listening to this podcast. The style was really what did it for me. Cutting in and out of their experience with the speech and mission control was brilliant. The music did an amazing job of letting the audience know how they should be feeling at that given time. They were able to make this such a dramatic fifteen minutes, something the audience was forced to stay and listen too. I would definitely recommend this podcast to anyone who is interested in drama or suspenseful stories!

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