Reflection: How I Feel About Story Telling

After doing and creating several guides for various Visual Assignments this week, I feel like I have a completely different understanding of digital storytelling. I think that in specific I got the most out of the photography assignments. The tips that were given in the Handbook were put so simply that they were then easy to implement. I could begin to see a major shift in the quality of pictures that I was taking.

In the image-saturated society that we live in I today I thought that taking pictures and using these to tell stories would be a very simple thing. I was wrong, the way that visual storytellers use images to convey information and feelings effortlessly is hard to duplicate.

Visual literacy is the sending and receiving of messages using images. Visual literacy is something that most of us have been doing since we were kids. Visual literacy is the reason that books like The Very Hungry Caterpilar are created because kids can take in so much information. Picture books provide a way for children to engage with the story and let them put together the story in their heads. For those who don’t recognize this book here is an animated version:

In conclusion, I think that Visual Storytelling is something that I took for granted heavily before this week. I didn’t realize the impact that it has had on everyone’s lives, without it how would we be able to learn without being able to read first? Things that I can do to improve my own visual story telling are to use less words and more pictures and give more meaningful images. When I say “meaningful images”, I am referring to a picture that lets the audience get to the conclusion you want them to without explicitly saying it.

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