How To Guide: Event Poster Part 2 (Design)

This post will be an in-depth guide on how I created my second event poster for my final project. I wanted to create a second poster that would be fliers that are posted all around DC and in their stadium. I wanted these posters to be his countdown to 700 goals that would be changed every time he scores. I think that this is important for my final project to show how much people wanted this for him. After all he has done for our city, he deserves his own place in history. Here is how I did it:

1.My first step was pretty easy for me because I already had all the resources I wanted from my last event poster. If you don’t have your material yet, you will need to download all the images you plan on using for your poster.

2. Then, I opened a new GIMP project and made the first layer all red for my background. This can be done by using the “Paint Bucket” icon from the main menu and choosing the color red.

3. Next, I dragged in all the pictures that I wanted to use for my poster. This included the Capital One and two different Capital’s logos. Once they were in the correct position on the poster I compressed all the layers down. This can be done in the “Layers” section of the menu.

4. Next, I added two different text boxes. One would be at the top as a title and then one in the middle of the poster. The title would be “Countdown to 700…” and the center text box will say, “Goals until 700: XXX”. The number will constantly be updated until he hits it.

5. Finally, all that was left to do was export and save the picture. I did this by clicking “File” and then “Export As…” to export the picture as a PNG.

In conclusion, I think this poster will be effective in completing its mission of keeping the public informed on his coming achievement. Here is the final product:

Here is a YouTube video that I used for inspiration to create both of mine:

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