How-to guide: Creating a Spubble

Creating your own Spubble was actually so much easier than I thought. The only resource that I used to create it was my IPhone. First, I selected the perfect picture that I needed to convey my story. Next, I opened up the picture in Snapchat. Once it was in Snapchat you can very easily add a chat bubble by searching for one in the top search bar. Simply drag and drop it into the correct position on the photo and all that is left to-do is add text. Finally, tap the middle of the screen and type whatever caption you want. When you are finished, just as you did with the bubble, drag and drop the text into position. You can then either save this new photo directly on Snapchat or screenshot it to bring it into your camera roll.

Here is an example of mine.

As an additional resource of information: This is a helpful guide on Youtube I found for creating a Spubble on Pixelr.

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