How-to guide: Averaging Concepts Using Flickr

When I initially started this assignment I was very worried if I was going to have the Photoshop skill to be able to average these photos together. To my surprise, that was actually easier then downloading 50 pictures. This is a super easy way to create some very unique abstract art. First, you need to pick the phrase you will search on Flickr. Once that is done, you need to download the first 50 pictures that pop up. Next, you will need to open a new Photoshop project. You will open every picture on its own layer, so you should have 50 layers at the end. Then, select all the layers, right click and press, “Convert to Smart Object”. This will combine all the layers into one. Next you want to go to “Layer”, then “Smart Objects”, “Stack Mode”, and finally, “Mean”. This will essentially average all of the layers in the smart object. Here is what my completed picture looked like for 50 images of creeks.

Here is a helpful Youtube video that I followed to create my final product.

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