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For the Create A Place assignment, I will be trying to depict a very busy New York City afternoon. Some sounds that I want to use to convey this to the listener are traffic, horns, maybe someone yelling, police sirens, and maybe even someone trying to call for a cab. All the sounds that I will be using in this assignment can be found at After working on several other Audio Storytelling assignments for this week, I don’t think this one will take too much time. I will be using Audacity as my audio editing software. There will be an in-depth guide on how I made this at the bottom of this post. Here is my finished product:

This picture of New York City was what I used as my inspiration in making this sound. I think I did a pretty good job of conveying this type of atmosphere to the audience.

How To Guide: The strategy for this assignment was very similar to how I have approached past audio assignments. First, I brain storm about my idea and what sounds I’m going to need to make this idea come to life. Then, I went to and downloaded all the sounds I wanted to use. Next, I dragged all the sounds into Audacity. Once I had all the sounds, all that was left was to move them around where I wanted them. I did this simply by copying and pasting portions of each track on to my first sound. I also, tweaked some of the volume levels using the slider on the left side of the window. Let me know if you guys have any questions!

Here is a video I found helpful on some advanced tips for using Audacity:

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  1. Hey Jacob, great job on the audio! I especially liked how the police sirens at the end overlapped with the general traffic sounds. They really blended well together.

  2. I really liked this assignment. I wish I would have done it myself. I love when I hear something and It takes me to a different place. You can defiantly tell you are in some sort of city when hearing those sound effects. Also, your transitions went really well together and didn’t feel like there was any hard gaps. You defiantly made me feel as if I were in a city.

  3. Hey Jacob! I enjoyed your final creation for the ‘create a place’ assignment. I did feel like I was in New York or a large city while listening to it. The beginning was my favorite because you had the birds screeching and the car horns honking at the same time and it was very loud and almost hurt my ears, which is the chaos I’d imagine I’d hear if I ever did visit New York. The rest of the video wasn’t as chaotic, with the trucks beeping and siren sounds only having melodious bird sounds in the background. I feel like it would have felt a little more like New York City if there had also been people talking, or tires screeching, or some other sounds also in the background to make it louder and sound more busy and populated. (But honestly what do I know, I’ve never been to New York 😆) Overall I really enjoyed your story!

  4. Hello Jacob! This Was Very Awesome! Really Made Me Feel As If I Were In A City Like New York! Defiantly A Good Job In My Book (If i Wrote One XD)!

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