Contradiction Creation

For this Contradiction Creation assignment, I wanted to create an image that portrays the morning time. I wanted the background to also be very warm colors to encourage the viewer to get the feeling to go and tack today and they have to do for that day. Once I had this atmosphere setup, I needed a caption to completely contradict the entire background. So, I decided to go with, “Today Sucks, Just Go Back To Bed”. This was very easy for me to create using GIMP. Which I am really starting to prefer over using Photoshop. First, I pasted in my background and added a 12px white and black border all the way around the image. Next, I found the correct font and size I wanted to use and pasted in my caption. There wasn’t much left to do after that. I made sure my caption was centered and then exported the picture from GIMP. Here is my take on a Contradiction Creation:

Here is a video that I followed to create the border to this picture:

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