Who am I?

Hi! My name is Jacob Barker. I am currently a senior at the University of Mary Washington. I am studying Computer Science! This post will be used as an introduction to all of my different social medias platforms!

Twitter is the social media platform I am most familiar with using on a day-to-day basis. This means it will most likely be the most up-to-date platform of mine. If you’re interested in some of my buring hot takes, here it is:

Soundcloud is a platform I already have used extensively to keep track of music I listen to while working on the computer! My soundcloud link will have the best relaxed music around (Reposted on my page for ease of access). Guaranteed to help you to focus while on the computer.

Flicker is a platform I have never really used before. After looking around on there for a few minutes, I feel like I have been missing out! I’ll try to be constantly organizing my photos into albums from my recent trips! My sister and I love to travel together so this is a great way for us to share our experiences with everyone!

Snowbird Tram

Lastly, we have the infamous Youtube. I haven’t really decided how to take on this platform as there are so many different styles on it. For now, I have linked some of my favorite channels to watch on my “Featured Channels” section. Feel free to check them out as well as my “About ” section.


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