How To Guide: Event Poster Part 2 (Design)

This post will be an in-depth guide on how I created my second event poster for my final project. I wanted to create a second poster that would be fliers that are posted all around DC and in their stadium. I wanted these posters to be his countdown to 700 goals that would be changed every time he scores. I think that this is important for my final project to show how much people wanted this for him. After all he has done for our city, he deserves his own place in history. Here is how I did it:

1.My first step was pretty easy for me because I already had all the resources I wanted from my last event poster. If you don’t have your material yet, you will need to download all the images you plan on using for your poster.

2. Then, I opened a new GIMP project and made the first layer all red for my background. This can be done by using the “Paint Bucket” icon from the main menu and choosing the color red.

3. Next, I dragged in all the pictures that I wanted to use for my poster. This included the Capital One and two different Capital’s logos. Once they were in the correct position on the poster I compressed all the layers down. This can be done in the “Layers” section of the menu.

4. Next, I added two different text boxes. One would be at the top as a title and then one in the middle of the poster. The title would be “Countdown to 700…” and the center text box will say, “Goals until 700: XXX”. The number will constantly be updated until he hits it.

5. Finally, all that was left to do was export and save the picture. I did this by clicking “File” and then “Export As…” to export the picture as a PNG.

In conclusion, I think this poster will be effective in completing its mission of keeping the public informed on his coming achievement. Here is the final product:

Here is a YouTube video that I used for inspiration to create both of mine:

How To Guide: Event Poster (Design)

This post will be an in-depth guide on how I created my event poster for my final. The idea that I had to make this is because my story is all about Alex Ovechkin’s quest to 700 goals. So I wanted to make a poster that would show the entire schedule of the upcoming season. I thought this would help because it would give the audience an understanding of whats ahead. Here is how I did it:

  1. My first step was to find a picture of the schedule for the 2019-2020 season. This can be a bit hard because in hockey season’s last a minimum of 82 games. So I need an image that fits all of the information I need in a tight space.
  2. I then opened a new GIMP project and made the first layer all red for my background. This can be done by going into “Layer Settings” at the top.
  3. Next, I added two text boxes above and below the picture. This was done by selecting the “Text Box Tool” from the main menu and then dragging boxes where I wanted the text to be. The top box will say, “2019-2020 Schedule” and the bottom box will say, “Get Alex Ovechkin to 700 Goals!!”.
  4. I also downloaded two images that are often found on Capitals banners. That is their logo and a “Powered by Capital One” image. I found these on google images and just right clicked them to save them. I then dragged them into GIMP where I wanted them to be.
  5. Finally, all that was left to do was export the picture as a PNG. I did this by going to File>Export As… and then choosing PNG.

If there are any steps you think I missed please feel free to let me know in the comment section below! I will embed a video that helped me to create this poster at the bottom. Here is the image that will go in my final project post:

Here is a video that helped me to create this poster using GIMP:

Favorite Movie Quote

For my Favorite Movie Quote assignment, I decided to choose the film Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens. In this movie, an iconic quote is said by Han Solo talking to Chewbacca. As Han Solo and Chewbacca meet Rey and Finn in the Millennium Falcon, Han Solo says, “Chewie, we’re home.”. This assignment was very easy to complete using GIMP. I simply found the background image that I wanted to use for my first layer and pasted it into GIMP. Next, I added a layer on top of it with a text box containing the infamous quote I selected. Here is my Favorite Movie Quote:

For those interested, here is the entire scene:

Contradiction Creation

For this Contradiction Creation assignment, I wanted to create an image that portrays the morning time. I wanted the background to also be very warm colors to encourage the viewer to get the feeling to go and tack today and they have to do for that day. Once I had this atmosphere setup, I needed a caption to completely contradict the entire background. So, I decided to go with, “Today Sucks, Just Go Back To Bed”. This was very easy for me to create using GIMP. Which I am really starting to prefer over using Photoshop. First, I pasted in my background and added a 12px white and black border all the way around the image. Next, I found the correct font and size I wanted to use and pasted in my caption. There wasn’t much left to do after that. I made sure my caption was centered and then exported the picture from GIMP. Here is my take on a Contradiction Creation:

Here is a video that I followed to create the border to this picture:

Motivational Poster

This is my take on a motivational poster for a design assignment this week. I wanted to make a poster about achievement. So naturally, I first needed to a picture that shows a great achievement or working toward it. What better than a picture of someone climbing a mountain? That is one of the craziest things we can do as humans on this planet! I can only imagine the feeling they must feel when all of their time and energy pays off as they get to the top of the mountain. This is something that I hope to get into myself one day.

To make this, I used GIMP. I have a decent amount of experience using GIMP, so this wasn’t too hard. I simply pasted my mountain picture as my first layer. Then, added three text boxes over top of it that would have the title, quote, and who said the quote. Here is my take on a motivational poster:

My Simple Logo…

For my second design assignment for this week I decided to take on a simple logo creation. I decided to make a logo for an old business that I use to run while I was in High school. I would cut grass all summer to make extra money for myself. At one point I even made flyers that I would stick into people’s mailboxes with coupons and such. My services got very popular in my neighborhood. So much so that I had to eventually started turning people down because I would have the next two weeks completely full of lawns to mow.

I don’t know why I didn’t think to make a logo for my business back then, it could have been holding me back. So here is my simplistic attempt at a logo for Jacob’s Lawn Mowing. The website that helped me create this was FreeLogoDesign.

Are We There Yet?

The mandatory visual assignment for this week was Are We There Yet?. Before doing this assignment I was very worried because of my lack of Photoshop skills. I knew I wanted to take a picture from me Snowboarding and change the background to something completely out of the ordinary but I didn’t know how. It actually turned out to be so much easier than I thought it would be. Turns out, these days Photoshop pretty much will do all the work for you. Using the object selection tool it was able to almost exactly cut me out of one picture, which I was then able to paste on a different background. This picture was originally taken in New Hampshire while on a Snowboarding trip last year. Here is the original picture and the new picture.

Here is a video that helped me to create the above photo: