How To Guide: Best Sports Play (Final)

This post will be dedicated to going over how I created the Best Sports Play type gif for my final assignment. I wanted to make a gif from the play where Alex Ovechkin scored his 700th goal. A major achievement in the hockey world that allowed him to move up to number 8 on the all time scoring list. I wanted to turn this play into a gif to show people how much this meant to the team, you can clearly tell this goal celebration was like no other. The guide will be below the gif. If I happen to miss anything, please feel free to let me know down in the comments. Here is the final version of the gif:

How To Guide:

  1. First, I needed to download the YouTube video that I wanted to use. I did that by going to this website. All you do is plug your video link in and then it will download it for you!
  2. Once I had the video, I trimmed it by right clicking the video and hitting “edit”. I knew I only wanted from 11 to 27 seconds, so that is what I trimmed it down too.
  3. Next, all that was left was to take all the screen shots. I let the video play as I took several screenshots a second.
  4. Then, I opened GIMP and put all the screenshots on top of each other by just dragging in one after another.
  5. Finally, all that was left to do was click “Export As..” and then choose “Gif”.

This is a YouTube video that I followed along with for my first gifs. I was able to take what I learned from this video and apply it to this assignment.

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